AW8 Best Fishing Games in Malaysia

These days, games from the leading Asian game provider SpadeGaming has been gaining so much popularity from all the games they have been putting out. Many people have switched from fish hunting games that can usually be found in supermarkets, gaming centres and entertainment outlets to online fishing games. This includes both fishing slots and online fish shooting gambling games.

Fish shooting games have been gaining so much popularity in online casinos these days. Particularly, players from Malaysia and Singapore are very much into online fish shooting games. The demand for these games could be attributed to their uniqueness. There are very few online casino games out there that give players the same thrill that these games do.

Online casinos such as AW8, has been up to date with their online casino games list. This is mainly to satisfy the game demand from their Malaysian and Singaporean players. Game demand is a very important factor among online casinos. This is because players similar to others would want to keep up with the current market trends.

Guides and Tricks To Play The Best Fish Shooting Game

Even though the fishing game is quite straightforward, it is always best to learn some know-how to make your gameplay more smooth and fruitful. Before getting into the real game itself, it would be best if players can invest some time learning the game through some free plays and demos. These free plays will teach players the rules and how the game works as in whole.

The first thing that players need to do is shoot at only the big fishes. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t shoot at the small fishes at all, but the main focus should be on the big fishes. The rules to this are pretty simple, the bigger the fishes are, the more the rewards will be. Therefore, shooting at large fishes will pay players from 2x to 100x times their original wager amount.

Focusing on the special features of the particular games are very important. Like on Fishing God, the golden dragon is the special feature of the game. Therefore, shooting at this sea creature will reward players with the maximum amount of win. Other than this, players need to use their bullets at the right time. Shooting blindly is not the way to go in this type of games. Instead, players need to aim each of their bullets well to shoot at the right time.

Introduction to The World Of Online Fishing Games

The fish shooting games is an innovative form of gambling that players have been getting into recently. The premise of the game itself is very different from what game providers have been producing so far. Fishing games will connect players to the beautiful underworld where they will be able to meet exotic sea creatures such as colourful fishes, sharks and huge octopuses.

Many popular online fishing games comes from the famous Asian game provider SpadeGaming. This game provider is known to incorporate global cultural elements and trends into their creations. Their creativity is evident in their games such as Fishing God and Fishing War. These two games could be said as the two most popular online casino games among players from Malaysia and Singapore.

Fishing God

Fishing God is a game produced by the well-renowned game provider SpadeGaming. This game is unique in a sense that many new players don’t understand. Players wouldn’t be able to classify this game into either online slots, video poker, table games or any other mainstream games. The best description for this game is that it resembles smartphone games more than ever. Playing this fishing casino game online will make you feel like you are playing an arcade game.

The gameplay itself is pretty easy and straightforward to follow. Players simply need to make an aim for many of the ocean’s creatures and colourful fishes and shoot at them and if you manage to capture them, you will be awarded generously. Several special fishes would award players with extra winnings.

To break down further on the game, when shooting towards the fishes, smaller fishes will have a smaller reward and would be easier to catch. Regular size fishes offer a payout rate that ranges between 2x and 50x. There are also other fishes with a higher payout range, which is between 30x to 70x. The biggest payout and the sea creature that players need to be on the lookout for is the golden dragon. Golden dragon would pay players from 60x to 888x of their original bet amount.

Fishing War

Fishing War is another similar game to the one mentioned above. This type of casino games is very popular among players from Malaysia and Singapore. Players looking for more games like Fishing War and Fishing God can check out AW8. This site is very famous for their up to date games collections and site reliability. This is one of the most secure sites out there with a great range of casino games and payment methods.

This game by SpadeGaming is another score for everyone that likes fishing games. Unlike fishing war, however, there are a few changes in this game that made it a tiny bit more thrilling than its sibling game “Fishing God”. Instead of maximum and minimum bets, players will come across a selection of “Junior Mode: $0.01 Expert Mode: $0.10 Godlike Mode: $1.00”.

This means that players will be able to choose the level they think their play is from. For beginners, it would be best if they choose the Junior Mode. This way, they can learn the game by playing it, and at the same time, they wouldn’t lose much of their bankroll as their wager is $0.01. For advanced players, they could choose Godlike Mode. Since they are already good at the game, this level will be helpful as they will be able to rake as many winnings as they can.

Overview of Fishing Casino AW8

In conclusion, fish shooting games that are in trend these days is worth the hype. With its android game-like features mixed with the ability to win money, who would like to win some real money while playing games. For players that are looking for online casinos that offer these games, you can consider checking out AW8. This casino will satisfy all your game hunger and more with its generous bonuses and site reliability. So fret not and head there straight to get your gaming journey started.


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