How to Play Card Games Online ?

There are many ways to play card games online. There are a few popular ways of playing card games online whether alone or with friends.


Different Ways to Play Card Games Online

We have the most popular being downloading a card game app either by Google Play or app store and you can do so with any device connected to the internet whether the PC, cell phone, tablet or laptop.

If it is a card solitaire game and there is a variety of them, the spider solitaire pyramid solitaire or whichever other solitaire you want you can easily select and download.

If it is blackjack you can select from the varieties, be it  the Spanish 21, European blackjack classic blackjack or face up 21.

It is however the game you select and adhere to the rules of how it is played full stop the itch for money or for free card game rules apply either way.

You may also connect with friends through a chatting app or video call that is if each of the funds has got a deck of cards. You only get to ensure that you have a webcam and stable internet to keep you on call for the entire game. A cool way to  spend time with friends even when there is a distance between you.

Another way to play card games online is by online virtual tables which create a real life experience virtually. Websites like playing provide dedicated virtual tables to players and are suitable for a group of friends who are playing together to see the same board and play card games in real time.

Everything happens in real time so if one person makes a move that movie is made across the screens and everyone can see it.

While joining this all you need is the game called provided by your friends or you can also provide the code to your friends for them to join. There is also an option to make a call while still on the game and chat about it.

You can also find the card game on a dedicated website that has different card games available. On this website there is always an option to play solo or the multiplayer option there for you to enjoy playing with your friends.

You can also play against the computer if you feel you want to play alone or you do not have friends to play with.


Poker Rules

However fun these card games are there are rules to playing them. The most basic poker rules observed at any poker game there are basic etiquette rules that include the following

  1.     You should act nice and do not the rate the players.
  2.     Never show your hand to others while playing.
  3.     Do not give advice on how to play poker when not asked.
  4.     Never insult the dealer or others at the table.
  5.     Do not string bet or act out of turn.

This is however not the basic card rules for poker. Playing rules of poker game include the following:

1. Folding

While at the table there are actions that always influence and determine the rules of poker and therefore avoid confusion. Folding is an action of deciding not to play your hand anytime during the game. Folding can however only be done when it is your turn to act.

2. Calling

Calling up the table is an action of putting the same amount into the port as someone previously already bet.

As long as you do not wish to hold your hand or increase the bet to get more money in the middle you can always call a bet preflop or post flop.

3. Checking

This action can only be performed if no one but before you but you already have contributed to the fault which simply means passing the action to another player.

Checking in preflop only happens to the big blind player if no one raises and then one or more players decides to call an initial BB amount then the player in the big blind can check and see the flop.

It is however possible for every player to opt to check postflop and pass the action to another player or see the next card without investing anymore in the pot when and if no one has made a bet before them.

4. Betting

Betting is simply placing a bet if no one has made it before you. This of course is a post flop action since if you decided to prep floor it actually means that you are making a raise.

If you see the flop turn or river and your opponent checks and you decide to put some money into the port you have placed a bet since you are the first one to put your chips in the middle for that particular round.

5. Raising

Raising a simply an action of going over the top of the current but made by another player and reopening the action. When one player raises the other player has an option to decide if he or she wants to raise back ,call or fold to that bet.


Bet Limits

Poker card game rules include betting limits while at the table. There is however the most popular options which are:


Which refers to no limit. This means that you can bet any amount from your stock at any point in time in the hands.


This process refers to port limit which means that the maximum amount one can bet is the amount that is already in the pot.


This is fixed limit, a phrase which means that you can only make fixed  but that are specified in the rules of poker from that game.

Rounds of Betting

In most card game rules betting rounds are to where you place your bet before getting your cards creating a pot. Then after the player gets the five face-down cards and has seen them then he gets to engage in the betting round.

For the Texas hold'em game however there are four betting rounds:


This is the first betting wrong. This is when the player sits on the big blinds left. When the poker hand is dealt. He can either fold, call or raise.

The flop

This is the second betting round where the action as the table starts from the active player sitting at the dealer's left going clockwise. Here players either bet, check, call ,raise or fold. After everyone announces their action they proceed to the next round.

The turn

Once everyone has acted on the beds that are matched on the floor then comes the turn card. Once the player see it they proceeded to the next round.

The river

This is the fourth round of the community card which is in full stop then there is the field card that is placed face up and another betting round occurs in the same way as the previous Street.

Poker Hand Rankings

Among the 10 most popular hand rankings there is the Royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flash Street, Three of a kind two-pair, one pair and high card.

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