AW8 Best Live Casino Games in Malaysia

While gambling has a long set of history, online gambling can be considered relatively new. The world of online gambling came about in the mid 1990s when the internet was created. The idea of online gambling itself was realised when the Antigua and Barbuda island nation came out with its Free Trade and Processing Act. This act went on to grant companies licenses for gambling processes.

With this license, companies could go ahead and provide gambling services for their users. The release of this act accelerated the online casino industry. These days, online casinos have created live casino games for players to have more in house experiences of landed casinos.

Live casino apps and sites are the perfect picks for players that miss landed casinos in this time of the pandemic. Reliable sites such as AW8 offer their players a great collection of live casino games online in Malaysia and Singapore. Find games from all the top game providers on this site and play them with zero worries.

Benefits and Features of AW8 Live Casino 

Live casino games are perfect for Malaysians and Singaporeans that are looking for something closer to a landed casino setting. In live casinos, players will be able to play directly with live dealers and other players. Live casino games are known to bring adrenaline rush to players seeking something more thrilling.

Live casino games are known to have a faster game flow therefore, players would need to have more background knowledge and skills to play a live casino game. It could also be referred to as a social experience as players would be able to meet fellow players from all nooks and cranny of the world.

A Beginner’s Guide to AW8 Live Casino – Step by Step

Starting your live casino game journey may be a little scary for many but worry not, we will walk you through it seamlessly. The first thing that players would need to do is sign up for a live casino app or in an online casino in Malaysia or Singapore.

The next would be choosing the right game for you. In live casinos, you will encounter games such as live roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and other games that you could choose from. It would be best if you choose something you are confident in. This will help with your gameplay and game confidence.

Once you are in the game you’ve chosen, a setlist of the betting option will be given. Players need to check out the betting options before jumping into the game. See if your bankroll fits the betting options set, it is always okay for players to play other games to increase their bankroll before diving into the game they like. Once you’re in the game you like, play away and have fun.

Some Best Online Slot Games in Online Casino AW8

AW8 is known for its vast collection of online casino games. This includes hundreds of slot, poker and other games. Other than the normal games found in online casinos, their live casino games are something players can expect great thing from. From all the famous live game providers, some of the players' favourites are baccarat, roulette and poker.


Baccarat is a game that’s perfect for new players that are getting into live casino games. The game itself is not complicated and relatively easy to get into. It is known to be quite fun as there are several different versions of baccarat that players can get into. The most common and popular version is called the “PuntoBanco”. This game is played by combining either four, six or eight decks of cards that are shuffled together. This is the game for the crowd as it can house up to fourteen players. Single players can also play this game against the casino alone.

The great thing about baccarat is that this is a perfect card game for players with both small and big bankrolls. With no particular strategies needed, this card game will be a great stepping stone to other live casino games online. For bet types in baccarat, there are three types, punto which is the player, banker or banco and tie. A tie is a stand-off that is usually not recommended due to its casino advantage.


Roulette has a long set of history. It could be said as the heart and soul of many landed casinos. This is the same for live casinos. Live roulette gives players the same excitement and thrill as playing in landed casinos. Roulette has gained much popularity thanks to movies and series.

There are three main types of variations that players can find in roulette. The French, European and American roulette. The French roulette is believed to be the first variation that was created, followed by the European variation and the American variation. The American roulette is the most popular variation that players will be able to find the most online.


Poker is one of the most famous card games that players will be able to find in online casinos in Malaysia and Singapore. The origins of poker date way back that it's still confusing on which is the origins of this game. Some believe that poker originated from Persia whereas many others believe that it came from China.

Similar to baccarat, poker is known to have many different variations with the most notable one being the “Texas Hold’em Poker”. Over the years Texas Holdem has gained much popularity that many poker lovers these days only know of this variation. To get into poker, players need to learn the skill-set required for this game. Players would need to learn the rules and gameplay before diving into this poker variation.

Overview of Live Casino AW8

All in all, AW8 live casino games are a great platform for players to test out the skillset they’ve learned and to practice them. Making new friends from playing live casino games will benefit you as they will be able to guide and give tips. Online casinos such as AW8 will further help players to meet the right friends to grow and improve together. Therefore, fear not and venture into this greatness. Make sure to have a secure internet connection and get started in this amazingness.


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