AW8 Best Online Poker in Malaysia

Originated hundreds of years ago, poker has grown into a favourite pastime of many people. The history of poker itself is quite unknown to many or is still not clearly understood. Poker is believed to have originated from Persia, from the game As-Nas. Brag from Britain is also a game that influenced the creation of poker.

“Poque” was another type of card game from France that poker was derived from. This game was played with 52 cards deck, just as today’s poker game. The game was thought to be “Americanised” when the French colonists brought their card game “poque” over to America, mainly North America.

A lot of poker plays such as betting and bluffing were added in the 18th century. In the mid 1990s, poker was further evolved and made into online poker where players will be able to play online. Microgaming was the first-ever software provider that started focusing on producing online casino games. These days, Malaysians and Singaporeans will be able to find many free online pokers sites as well as online poker sites played with real money. Sites such as AceWin8 are famous for their online poker collections. Players can simply collect their bonuses and start playing away in their favourite poker game.

A Beginner’s Guide to AW8 Online Poker – Step by Step

Getting started in the world of online poker in Malaysia is not difficult at all as long you have a good guide to follow. The first most important thing you should start with is choosing the right site for you. Choosing the right online casino in Malaysia could be a hassle due to the amount of research one should do but fret not, we have done our research and our favourite casino currently is AW8.

AW8 is one of the best online poker sites that we’ve come about. They have one of the best online poker game choices and their site is secure enough for players' information. You can expect to find casino games found in Genting such as online poker, slots, live games, sports betting and many more. You would just need to sign up and deposit to get your gaming journey started. For your bankroll, deciding your base bankroll is the foundation as your betting will be influenced by this bankroll.

The next step would be choosing the right game for you. Sometimes it is very easy for players to be dazzled by all the highlighted and big stake poker online games that are displayed on the first row of online casino sites. But it is important to do some background research and learn about the game before choosing the right game for you to invest real money on.

To avoid spending too much money, using the bonuses and promotions offered by the casino is a way to test out games and choose the one you like. Once you’ve chosen the game, get started by learning the basic rules of the game. Basic rules will include guides, tips and betting types.

Some Best Online Slot Games in Online Casino AW8

The Ever Famous - Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is arguably the most popular poker variation these days. Many of the world’s poker tournaments revolve around Texas hold’em with the most notable one being the “World Poker Tour”. Learning to play Texas Hold’em is not difficult as the game itself is pretty simple. However, don’t let the simplicity of the game mislead you as the possible outcomes and combinations are so big that they could mislead beginner players easily.

The main aim of Texas Holdem is to utilise the hole card, combining it with the community card to make the best five-card poker hands. In Texas Hold’em, each player will be dealt two-card facing down(hole cards). After a few rounds, five more cards(community cards) will be dealt face-up on the table. Players are free to use the community cards with their hole cards to build the best five-card combination.

The Upcoming - Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is the more famous poker variation in much of Europe. Omaha poker is known to be the next popular poker variation after Texas Hold’em. It is believed that Omaha poker is gaining much popularity for two main reasons. The first one is that Omaha poker is very similar to Texas Hold’em so players might feel very accustomed to the game itself. The next one is that Omaha is very action-packed that it would be great for thrill-seeking players.

Omaha is great for players that are detailed orientated. This is because a very solid understanding is needed to play this game. Players accustomed to Texas Hold’em variation are advised to try out Omaha poker as new poker players may find it a little difficult to jump into this variation as their first variation from all the other online poker games.

The Players Favourite - 5-Card Draw

This poker variation is the easiest and the most original form of poker. It is quite simple and straightforward to play and learn this game. It would be best for new players to start their poker journey with this game.

The gameplay of this variation is straightforward. Players will be dealt with a complete hand that only they can see. An option to improve their hand will be given to the player, this can be done by replacing their current cards. There will be two rounds of betting and showdown between players. It is an elegant and simple game to get into.

Overview of Online Poker AW8

Online poker has been gaining so much popularity that many new players are trying to get into it. These days, players can play online poker for free and also with real money. Many different new apps and tools can help players further up their poker games. Sites such as AW8 are known for their online poker collections that can help you as well as you will be able to find all the games you want in one place. Head there straight and get your poker journey started.


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